The Work Environment

As the saying goes, an organization is only as good as its people. And when people love what they do, they don’t think of it as work.

At Yissum, we love what we do: the challenges, the creativity, the diversity of cases, and the interpersonal interactions with people who are dedicated to their vision and goals. Consequently, being a team member at Yissum is a positive and fun experience.

We have made it our policy to recruit highly talented and skilled professionals who consistently excel, both academically and on the job. The diverse backgrounds and rich experience of our consultants produces a unique synergy between their areas of expertise (business administration, management, economics, and finance) and their personal interests (for example, arts, IT, psychology, and security).

To maintain our reputation for professionalism and excellence, we expect team members to be highly motivated and to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the task at hand. In return, we promise you an exciting, challenging, and creative work environment, a steep learning curve for professional development, and unique advancement options, which can include a partnership offer, for the right candidate.

We seek candidates with the following qualities and accomplishments:

  • A record of excellence in academics/ military service/ volunteerism
  • An undergraduate degree in a relevant field, such as economics, business administration, industrial management, accounting, or IT
  • Strong analytic skills
  • Creative thinkers
  • Entrepreneurial leaders
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and teamwork proficiency
  • Verbal and presentational competencies
  • Adaptability – comfortable in a dynamic work environment