Our Professional Team

We believe that human capital is pivotal to the success of any venture. That is why we make sure that our professional team includes experts of the highest caliber. Working alongside the founding directors are partners who joined Yissum Strategies’ senior team after acquiring substantial experience in the field of management, as well as a team of young and talented recruits. All of the consultants at Yissum Strategies underwent a rigorous selection and vetting process, to ensure a high level of professionalism, expertise and personal integrity. Together we have the skills to identify problem areas and find creative –yet pragmatic—solutions that deliver long-term, sustainable results.

Partners and Senior Consultants

    • Zvi Goldberg: Founder and Co-CEO

      Zvi Goldberg:
      Founder and Co-CEO

      Zvi has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant to Israeli and international firms, providing them with key insights on business and marketing strategies. Prior to the establishment of Yissum Strategies, he was the owner of several companies that offered marketing and branding services. Zvi specializes in leading large firms through the implementation of strategic processes for improving business outcomes, by increasing market share, developing new products and services, redefining the company’s competitive strategy, and through mergers and acquisitions. His wealth of experience includes consulting to companies in the fields of banking, insurance, media, credit cards, investments, industry, and management services. Zvi is especially qualified in developing customer-value-optimization models for the private and business sectors. Leumi Cal, Discount, Harel, Coface, BDI, CTS, Hot, Diesenhaus, Gulliver, Paz, Globes, BDO, Storenext, and Hadera Paper are among his many satisfied customers.

    • Gil Paul: Founder and Co-CEO

      Gil Paul:
      Founder and Co-CEO

      For over 25 years, Gil has been providing consultation services to leading Israeli and international corporations. His particular expertise is in formulating and operationalizing winning business and marketing strategies, and developing business models and automated management tools. He has helped many of Israel’s leading corporations increase not only the companies’ revenues, but also their overall value. He specializes in long-term strategies and oversees the opening of new markets and the implementation of newly formulated competitive strategies. His prolific experience encompasses business development in the fields of banking, insurance, manufacturing, commerce, healthcare, tourism, telecommunications and media, infrastructure development, and consumer goods. Among the many companies that have had the privilege of working with Gil are Cal International, Isracard, Bank Igud, Bituach Yashir, the Jerusalem Light- Rail Line, HOP Children’s Entertainment Group, CTS Group, Travelist, Mishan, Israel Post, Haaretz, Yediot Magazines, Paz, Pazkar, and D&B Israel. Gil is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a dual degree in Business Administration and Geography.

    • Thierry Genansia: Partner

      Thierry Genansia:

      Thierry joined the team at Yissum in 1999, after developing a career at the Bank of Israel. His expertise is in strategy, business, and marketing consulting for organizations in the finance, industry, telecommunications, and media sectors. He has successfully led projects establishing breakthrough, strategic and business processes in large-scale organizations, with an emphasis on the formulation and implementation of long-term strategies and competitive strategies, business and product development, sales and distribution lines, pricing policies, and customer management systems. The following organizations are only a partial list of Thierry’s satisfied clients: Klalit Mushlam, The Phoenix, Bituach Yashir, Dikla, Menorah Mivtachim, Discount Bank, Mizrachi Bank, Cellcom, Hot, Isracard, Gulliver, D&B Israel, and Strauss Group Water Products. Thierry holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Hebrew University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from Tel Aviv University.

    • Einav Shachar-Cohen: Partner

      Einav Shachar-Cohen:

      Einav joined Yissum in 2008 after holding the position of vice president of sales at Tamir Fishman Real-Estate. She has led numerous projects, focusing on the development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies, customer retention and management programs, proactive service integration, multiple channels for sales and services, and call-center improvement. Her experience includes consulting for Klalit Mushlam, Cellcom, Cal, Gulliver, Travelist, Hulyo Travel App, Hogla, BDO Accounting, Strauss Group Water Products, Mor Medical Centers, and Dikla. Einav holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a specialty in Marketing from IDC Herzliya, and an MBA degree from the College of Management.

    • Assaf Peer: Partner

      Assaf Peer:

      Assaf joined Yissum in 2010. His expertise is in devising marketing and customer management strategies, and establishing multi-channel marketing plans. He excels at segmentation conceptualization, improving performance and efficacy in customer-service divisions, enhancing customer lifetime value, improving customer retention, and increasing sales. He has provided consultation services for Bank Leumi, Bank Mizrachi Tfachot, Menorah Mivtachim, Harel Insurance, Isracard, Klalit Mushlam, Cellcom, Mor Medical Centers, and BDI. Assaf has an MSc degree in Business Administration and Behavioral Sciences from Tel Aviv University.

    • Yochai Manor: Senior Consultant

      Yochai Manor:
      Senior Consultant

      Yochai joined Yissum in 2011. His consulting expertise involves projects that aim for strategic growth, business development, and involve mergers and acquisitions of local or international companies. He is uniquely proficient at increasing efficacy, segmentation marketing, and developing instruments that facilitate multi-channel marketing. Yochai has provided consultation services for Klalit Mushlam, Mor Medical Centers, Cellcom, CTS, Kochav, and Gulliver. He holds un undergraduate degree in Industrial Management Engineering from Tel Aviv University.