Service-to-Sales Strategy

How can the sales process be made an integral part of customer service? Might the addition of a sales component over-burden the service division?

Yissum has the expertise and the proven methodology to finesse the use of the service division to maximize potential sales, without jeopardizing the balance between the two. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to develop the needed infrastructure that will optimize your organization’s decisions about what to offer, to whom, and when.

The Service-to-Sales strategy is based on the concept that the sales offer addresses a customer’s real need. To this end, the sales offer is constructed as a satisfactory solution, an organic component in the effort to serve the customer.


A Unique Approach with Proven Results!

Yissum has implemented the serve-to-sell approach in several of the largest customer-service centers in Israel. Adopting Yissum’s serve-to-sell methodology has revolutionized the scale of business success for these organizations (even in those that had attempted this approach previously).


“Sales have more than doubled in service centers that had previously attempted a service-to-sale approach.”

“We reached a constant sales rate of 25%-50% (compared to 10%-20% in other service centers).”

“Improved service ratings, with an even shorter call duration (in centers that had attempted this approach previously).”

“Higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

“Increased satisfaction among service-center agents and directors (agents’ job expectancy doubled).”

“The service centers have become a major source of the organization’s revenue and profits.”


Proactive Service

Increasingly organizations nowadays are arriving at the conclusion that excellent service requires them to transition from a responsive approach to a proactive approach to service.

Yissum’s proactive service plan relies on two central proficiencies: the ability to foresee customers’ service-related needs, and the ability to provide the relevant information, solutions or actions, so as to address these needs in a timely manner.

Implementation of a proactive service approach within the organization involves the following four stages:

  1. Comprehensive and accurate mapping of customer needs;
  2. Identification of potentially promising points of intervention;
  3. Development of instruments to identify needs in real time;
  4. Sophisticated planning of proactive steps using the multi-channel infrastructure.

Yissum has attained highly favorable outcomes within a relatively short time frame using this method with numerous client organizations. Specifically, the organizations that adopted proactive service using Yissum’s methodology demonstrated improved efficacy, a reduced number of service requests (anticipating customer needs eliminates the call for service), improved customer experience, and higher levels of customer satisfaction (exceeding customer expectations), not to mention growth in revenue.