Service and Sales Strategies

The service and sales divisions play a key role in the organization’s ability to attain its strategic and marketing objectives. To perform effectively, these divisions must address the following four aspects of customer management:

  • Recruitment of new customers
  • Maximization of customer lifetime value
  • Effective management customers’ needs
  • Increased customer retention rates

Advanced operationalization of sales requires optimization of organizational resources, in line with the company’s strategies and goals.

Call-Center Performance Enhancement

Call centers are known to produce high returns on investment, and hence introducing even a small change can make a big difference. Our goal, however, is to formulate a comprehensive methodology capable of generating ongoing improvements that prove valuable over the long-term

Yissum Strategies has developed a multi-stage methodology for improving call-center efficacy, based on the following three principles:

  1. Reducing the number of requests – by expanding the range of solutions offered, for example, providing first call resolution (FCR), directing the call to the appropriate division, and assimilating the habit of proactive service, to mention but a few of the available solutions.
  2. Directing customers to digital channels, through the use of video chats, social networks, or self-service platforms.
  3. Improving the call-center agents’ productivity, which can be addressed using a wide range of methods, among them, honing the work process, teaching agents to control the conversation, optimizing the use of resources, monitoring the status of each call, standardizing the personnel management system, incentivizing, and creating technological solutions such as call proxy or customer callback.

In recent years, Yissum has helped improve call-center performance for numerous large organizations that are leaders in their sector. We have accumulated a wide variety of case studies documenting the process that enhanced call-center performance in several sectors (including finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and tourism, to name a few).

Methodologies for Enhancing Call-Center Performance:

Multiple Channels
  • Reformulating the organizational structure
  • Redefining roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying skill sets
  • Creating a personnel profile
  • Adding training and guidelines
  • Creating standard regulations
Work Processes and Interface
  • Identifying the underlying principles
  • Defining a service continuum
  • Setting processes for consultation and support
  • Formulating a service level agreement (SLA)
Measures and Objectives that Enhance
  • Efficacy
  • Quality of service
  • Revenue and profit
  • Sales and customer retention
Monitoring and Tracking Systems
  • Online monitoring, including red flag system
  • Routinized monitoring and reporting (offline)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
Incentivizing Systems
  • Setting incentivizing principles according to level of personnel (agents, team leaders, shift managers and general call-center managers) and according to content areas
  • Incentivized objectives
Automation and Information Systems
  • Interactive voice response for self-service options
  • Customer relationship management system
  • Computer telephony integration system
  • Call-center software systems
  • Digital interface methods