Business development

How can a mid-range organization become a leader in its field? What are the most appropriate tools and the most effective steps to ensure constant growth?

Yissum Strategies has the experience to take you through the process successfully. We have led dozens of organizations to financial growth, whether through mergers and acquisitions, or by growing their core business, opening the Israeli market to foreign firms, or infiltrating new markets. We have the know-how and the sophisticated tools to help organizations identify the optimal strategies with which to realize their business goals. And we accompany them in the process of strategic implementation –every step of the way.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    When Yissum recommends this strategy, our team of experts guides you through the stages, from determining the optimal business profile suitable for the acquisition, analyzing and estimating the value of the acquisition, through the negotiation phase, and concluding with the actual merge between the two organizations. We believe that a successful integration must be grounded in a strong relationship of mutual advantage.
  • Organic Development – Growing the Core Business
    Yissum has extensive experience in helping companies grow their core business, by opening new market areas and developing additional products and services. Our unique methodology for assessing the company’s potential for growth in a new market has met with repeated success. In addition, as our experience proves, we have the expertise to design winning market-penetration strategies.
  • Opening the Israeli Market to Foreign Firms
    Yissum Strategies has hands-on experience in opening the Israeli market to large multinational firms. We have helped giant food and department-store chains, as well as financial service providers, computer and printer suppliers, automotive firms, and a manufacturer for the food industry establish a stronghold in the Israeli market.