Advanced Customer Management

What is the best approach for managing your customer base? Are your customers well-versed in all the
advantages and products your company has to offer?

At Yissum, we excel at designing and implementing an advanced and comprehensive customer management strategy. We begin by mapping your clientele, to identify segmentation patterns. Then we define the direct and indirect means of interfacing with the customer. Based on what we learn, we devise an action plan for managing customers throughout the customer life-cycle (from recruitment all the way to retention).

Our customer management approach provides a solution even for companies with an exceptionally large customer base, empowering them to establish a suitable business and marketing infrastructure that not only addresses, but also foresees customer needs.

Yissum Strategies’ approach to customer management is tailored to anticipate, at any point in time, the next best action for each individual customer, thus maximizing the effectiveness and profitability of your customer investment.

Our strategic approach combines the following techniques:

  1. Up-sale of existing products
  2. Cross-sales
  3. Increasing customer satisfaction and retention

The customer management plan we devise includes the following basic principles:

  • The ability to address each customer’s needs at any point in time
  • The relationship with customers reflects their lifetime value to the business
  • Increased interaction with customers involves initiating as well as reacting
  • Striking –and maintaining– a balance between the customer’s best interest and the company’s best interest
  • Optimization of the marketing proposal, its timing and the relevant communication channels
  • Creating a positive customer experience is considered both a goal and a policy

Our methodology is to create a gradual process: first the customer management approach is conceptualized according to the organization’s needs; then, a customer management plan is launched in successive stages. This allows the organization to prepare to take the action called for at each stage, to review and revise, thus ensuring an overall successful integration of customer management.