Why a Business Strategy?

What kind of company profile do you want your firm to have in five –or ten– years from now? What is the best and most effective way to get there? What kind of resources do you need to accomplish this goal?
Yissum Strategies can devise a business strategy that will help you achieve your long-term business goals. The entire process involves a comprehensive analysis of the organization, the market, the customers, and the existing and projected competitive environment. Using Yissum’s proven experience and unique set of tools, we are able to chart a long-term plan for business development, focusing on the most effective methods to attain objectives in a timely manner. We begin by outlining your vision; then we formulate a strategy devised to lead you towards your long-term goals. In the implementation phase we provide ongoing strategy consultation services, to ensure that the proper objectives are defined and met. Business plans, flow charts, and initiatives for innovation are some of the tools involved in plotting the paths to attaining these objectives. Yissum Strategies has provided consultation services to a broad range of clients from diverse business sectors, such as industry, finance, tourism, management services, and e-commerce. We also cater to organizations of varying sizes, from large firms at the top of their sector in Israel, through mid-size companies, and all the way to small entrepreneurships with a revolutionary, innovative idea. In all cases, we devised the key strategies that enabled them to turn their vision into a profitable business. Find out how Yissum Strategies can do the same for you.